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Old dsc keypad

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Learn all about the components that go into a security system and some of the new technology available to help protect your family and your home. Find Out More. The control panel, which is a metal cabinet, will be mounted out of the way in a utility closet or in the basement.

The metal cabinet contains the system electronics, fuses and back up battery. Click on the link below for a list of documents containing answers to some of the most common user questions about specific security systems. View FAQ documents. Find the user manual you need in the Technical Library. Go to the Technical Library. From our revolutionary control panels, to our industry-leading IP alarm monitoring products and now to our sleek, contemporary self-contained wireless panels, DSC has always been front and center in the security space.

Register to receive DSC product updates and news by email. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. By continue to navigate through this site or by clicking Approve, you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our. Security Professional Login. Security System Basics A Tutorial. Security System Basics Learn all about the components that go into a security system and some of the new technology available to help protect your family and your home Find Out More.

Help Identify My Security System. Frequently Asked Questions Click on the link below for a list of documents containing answers to some of the most common user questions about specific security systems.

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User Manual Library. Panels, Keypads and Modules. Sensors and Accessories. Access Control. All rights reserved. ISO Registered.Name A-Z Z-A. Default Title. Add to Cart. This deluxe LCD keypad allows you to customize your zone labels for ease of use. This functionality and ease of use extends into programming. It allows you to get instant feedback on the screen to know if any mistakes were made. Also available with a wireless receiver built in.

If you need a secondary keypad that is just like this one, but without the wireless receiver, choose the PK model. This deluxe LCD keypad allows you to label your zones that show in the display and also allows you to read system troubles, programming, and read the event buffer in plain language. Makes programming and setup a breeze. You can still use this keypad on the andand older systems, but you will only be able to have up to 32 wireless zones.

The wireless receiver built into the keypad will only allow the full 64 zones with the v4. If not using the v4. If you've always wanted an additional keypad for your system and can't run wire or don't want to; then this is the one to get. You'll go into programming to the wireless enrollment section and then press an enrolling button on the keypad and it enrolls itself into the panel's programming.

Use only in conjunction with the provided power adaptor. Works with all DSC Power Series systems, from the older,and systems up to the newest models. To program your DSC system we recommend the series of alpha-numeric keypads. This allows you to avoid mounting the keypad on wall, instead placing it on any convenient tabletop. Very nice addition if you want the keypad within reach of your favorite recliner, bed, etc.

In sleep mode system status as well as the door chime feature will not function. Product successfully added to your Shopping Cart.

old dsc keypad

Continue Shopping. Proceed to Checkout.Skip to main content DSC Keypad. In Stock. Great keypad, replaced old brinks system and I love it. Add to cart. Regardless a great addition to my system.

In stock. Matheny Austin, TX. The DSC system is a lot nicer and definitely more user friendly - but I don't think I would have had the same experience without getting one of these RFK keypads. The great thing about the RFK is that is allows you to interact with the programming interface of the DSC alarm system instead of just typing in codes and not seeing any feedback.

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You always know exactly where you are and what the current options are instead of having to pay strict attention to where you are in the programming sequence. It also lets you scroll through options and pick from menus in many cases. The other great thing is that the RFK has the ability to let you Easy to install and good quality. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Excellent system, easy to physically install. Somewhat difficult to program but once its up and running it works flawlessly.

See All Buying Options. I purchased an additional keypad for my system from Amazon and I am vey well pleased with the product. Ordering was simple and the hole process went like clock work. This was a great experience for me. Thanks AmazonMitch. I made the mistake of buying an alarm kit for my house that came with an RFK It's is a bigger number so it's new and better, right?

NO, not the case. I hope this review helps clear up any confusion. It does not have actual prompts for when you are programming a keypad. In other words if this is your primary keypad, you will struggle A LOT trying to program your alarm.

For example, when you enter your programmer code, the will not show you the next menu screen This is very difficult unless you have programmed several of these in the last few days. This product, the RFK shows you all the menus along Came as advertised. I have a fairly extensive home security system with approximately 40 zones based on a DSC security system. My main keypads throughout the house house are PTK touchscreens which work quite well.

However, I wanted to add the most basic keypad possible next to the exterior passage door in our garage. It allows people who have inadvertently opened the door know that the alarm was armed and take steps to disarm it. Given its location, it is out of earshot of the interior keypads. This keypad works well in the harsher environment of a garage interior, provides full control over the system, but does not go out of its way to divulge too much information about the system or its status.

I recommend disabling the Quick Exit feature on your panel if used in this situation.Alarm system keypads are the main interface between you, the user, and your alarm system. They accept commands through the keys, and output information using a visual display and audible tones. Although it's now discontinued, thousands of these systems are still protecting homes and businesses everywhere.

For tips on how to deal with an older keypad that's wearing out, see this page on Brinks Home Security Systems. Alarm system keypads, also called touchpads, all have a few things in common. Regardless of the brand or model, here are some truisms for any modern security keypad.

DSC Alarm Keypads

Security system keypads communicate digitally, but there are no industry-wide standards or protocols. Panels and keypads generally only operate with others in their product line. A good example is the Radionics brand of security systems. Keypads designed for the older Radionics Model system will not operate on any of the newer Radionics alarm panels, and vice-versa.

This is mainly due to microprocessor speeds becoming increasingly fast to handle more zones, users, and other functions. Few, if any mainstream alarm manufacturers offer weather-rated alarm system keypads, at least in the normal sense. Keypads exposed to the elements will fail, sooner or later. Choose keypad locations that are indoors or in an enclosed garage. If a keypad absolutely must be installed outdoors, there is an option.

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Many aftermarket keypads are available that provide a relay closure whenever a valid code is entered. This can be used to arm and disarm an alarm system, provided it is capable of keyswitch arming.

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These keypads are fully weather-rated, and will last for years. These weatherproof keypads only give limited functionality. Home security keypads use a 4-wire connection to the main alarm panel, in almost all cases. Two of the conductors are used for volt power, while the other two are for data. This 4-wire layout is not only simple, but very secure.

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Damage to this type of keypad could result in the signals from wireless zone transmitters not being received, which is a concern. Balance this against the fact that in an actual break-in situation, the transmitter signals would normally be sent and received well before an intruder could reach and damage the keypad. Still, something to consider. All keypads in a system will have the ability to perform basic functions such as arming and disarming the alarm, and displaying system status in some way.

These give you an indication that the system is armed or disarmed, and the zone numbers for any faulted areas. These will usually look better than standard keypads, and have larger alphanumeric displays capable of showing customizable zone descriptors and other information.

They often have additional programmable buttons for panic alarms, shortcut arming, bypassing of zones, and other system actions. The higher-end alarm system keypads are usually required for programming the system, on panels that offer that ability. The Ademco keypad is a good example of this. Some of the best systems have the option to program buttons to perform macros.

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How To Use Your DSC Security System Black and White Style Keypad

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old dsc keypad

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old dsc keypad

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DSC Keypad

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